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Finding Fellowship

Jun 11, 2021

Marjolein Lloyd, R/C Kelowna Sunrise

In the Rotary world, June is Fellowship Month. For this month’s “Fellowship Feature," yours truly has chosen The Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship.

With restrictions beginning to ease, and people wanting to travel a little bit more, what better way than to switch homes with a fellow Rotarian somewhere else in the world?

Rotary Fellowships are simply groups that share a passion or interest. They are a fun way to connect with other Rotarians, make new friends and explore your hobby, interest or area of expertise. There are dozens of Fellowships around the world that range from the Fellowship of Amateur Radio to the Fellowship of Yoga and everything in between.


There is a TON of useful information on the website; I encourage you to check it out!

Rotarians love to learn about other countries and cultures. This fellowship believes in World Peace and Understanding. Home Exchange promotes these objectives and is fun and affordable. Let the Rotarian Home Exchange help you discover the world. This fellowship has developed a strong commercial partnership with HomeExchange50Plus (, of which you would sign up as a member of in order to participate in the Fellowship. No, you do not need to be over 50 years old to participate, and yes, you can exchange homes within the same country.