Rotary 11

Governor's Update - September

Sep 8, 2023

It’s already September…..wait, what?!?!?! How did THAT happen?!? I guess it’s true; time really does fly when you’re having fun!

August was a busy month of club visits, life at work and home, and learning to balance it all. As we all know, Washington State, Hawaii, Northwest Territories and of course BC were all hit with devastating fires. So many homes and lives were lost, families uprooted and beautiful landscapes were forever changed. In response, District 5060 Rotarians jumped into action and helped wherever they could. Thank you to everyone who stepped up with donations of time, service, cash, food and opening their homes to evacuees; this is what Rotary does, friends. As we all know, however, even when the fires are eventually extinguished, many residents will still require support. Moving forward, please keep those people in mind as your club looks for projects, fundraisers or service opportunities.

This month’s Rotary theme is Basic Education and Literacy. If you are still looking to fill spots for your guest speakers, maybe consider inviting someone who might fit that theme; a Librarian, an organization or program that reads to children at the schools, an adult literacy program or maybe someone from your local school board.

The August Governor’s Video Challenge was for your club to conduct a new member induction and your clubs did not disappoint! Many posted on social media and shared your successes; congratulations to those who welcomed new members into their clubs! Don’t worry, just because the month is over, doesn’t mean you can’t share your inductions with us! As I mention at the club visits, the only way we can know what you’re up to is if you share your stories with us! You can do that through this newsletter, on your website, on social media or through your club bulletins.

September brings with it a new Governor’s Video Challenge. For September, I challenge you to conduct a Fireside for your membership. This can mean different things for every club. For some, it’s an opportunity to meet with your newer members in a casual setting and introduce them to the different committees of the club. For others, it could mean providing a focus on Foundation, Membership or Public Image. What does a Fireside look like in your club?

I have visited about a third of our District’s clubs so far, and truly I am so grateful to be able to have the privilege to visit each and every one of them. The tours of projects in your communities, the executive meetings when I really get to learn about what your club is up to, the opportunity to get to know the members throughout our District with some lovely conversations; each club is so different and the more clubs I visit, the more I learn. I learn about the impact on communities and on each other! Many have heard me say time and time again that Rotary is a team sport; but more than that, we are an amazing support system, too! I have watched clubs surround their members when they need it most; through the loss of a spouse or family member, illness in the families, important life events and most recently the devastating forest fires when members rushed to aide of their fellow club members. Rotary International President Gord McInally has placed a focus on mental health this year and suggests that “Rotary should be known as an organization that takes care not only of those it serves, but also takes care of its own members.” I am so incredibly proud of our membership! I have witnessed the best of humankind through Rotary and am in awe of our membership. Why? Because of how we utilize compassion, empathy, kindness, consideration and something as simple as a smile to CREATE HOPE IN THE WORLD.

-Marjolein Lloyd

Kelowna Sunrise Rotary