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October News

Oct 19, 2022

Hello Rotarians, during the month of September 10 members of our district spend several days in Toronto at the Zone event “Learning to Lead” see pictures. About 270 plus Rotarians from our Zone pair 28/32 were in attendance, the event was hosted by RI Director Drew Kessler. Rotary International President elect Gorden R. McInally was the keynote speaker and a very willing participant in all the activities, chairing his thoughts and vision about our great organization.

This training event was the first opportunity most of us had to meet in person and it was interesting to meet Rotarians from across Canada the US and even Great Cayman. The classes were good and helpful to all of us. Why am I telling you this you ask. This event is part of the training that is provided for the Governor teams and other Rotary members in leadership positions. Have you considered joining the leadership team of our district? If not, I like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage you to consider the opportunity that is open to all of you. If you are looking for leadership development training, then there is no better place then Rotary and the best part is it is all “Free” to you.

Rotary and what we do as Rotarians is a team effort and your district team cannot do all that is needed and required by ourselves, so how about it? Please reach out to me or others on the team and see how you can get involved in a great fun and rewarding experience.

September also brough yet another Zone event which was a Cruise to Bermuda out of New York, the title for this Symposium was “Life below water” with a Mangrove restauration project in Bermuda alongside local Rotarians and Rotaractors. What an amazing opportunity to learn about our fragile environment especially the Coral reefs around the world. We were treated to a screening of “Chasing Coral” you can find it on YouTube or Netflix just a fair warning it is scary to see what is going on in our oceans.

Soon we will have our 1st quarter business meeting which will be via Zoom go give all of you an opportunity to join us and see firsthand what is going on in the district, look in your inbox or junk folder the invitation was send a while back,see you all there, thank you for everything you do. Until next month and do not forget “Dream big and take Action”!

Yours in Rotary

Karl and Denise