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Rotarians Have Fun

Mar 13, 2022

Rotarians at fun (it is not work) - here in Wenatchee

The local sports facility here in Wenatchee (Town Toyota Center) was struggling to hire people to staff the concession stands at the hockey games. Since our Rotary club held its meetings there, we were approached about an idea to staff some of the concession stands. The idea was that if we agreed to staff 2 concession stands at every home hockey game we would be paid a percentage of sales + get our weekly meals (up to 20) free of charge. We immediately said yes. I have been told that Town Toyota Center wants to ink a contract with our Rotary club so that we can do this every year so that we have an ongoing fundraiser. Our members have been having fun with this fundraiser and it has generated interest in Rotary and more particularly in our Rotary club. This has truly been a win-win opportunity for our local sports facility as well as our Rotary club.