Morning side pose and action

Rotary Community Horsing Around for a Cause

Jul 15, 2023

Talk about community....The Rotary Club of Kelowna Morningside took horsing around to a new level. They put their $$ and their muscle to work building two shelters to keep the horses out of the sun, the rain, and the snow.

What horses you might ask? The hard working and handsome ponies of Spark Kelowna. Spark Kelowna is a registered Canadian charity providing equine assisted therapy to people managing difficult situations such as PTSD, depression, addiction, autism and more.

Club members built two lean-tos, each 12' by 12', no walls but with waterproof roofs. No injuries, no sun burns - just a few sore backs.

Rotary Volunteers were Alyson, Lloyd, Rod, Daryl, Barry, Rolf, Byron, Philippa and David Raye (Sunrise)

Another thoughtful community service project brought to you by the friendly and generous people of Rotary.